That Paleo Show is designed to make the ‘Paleo’ lifestyle easy and accessible for everyone.  Chiropractors Dr. Brett Hill and Dr. Janah James and Wellness Coach Stephanie Wasylyk are passionate about sharing practical tips to help people make sustainable lifestyle changes.  Their episodes will help you get back to basics and redefine the way you eat, think, and move.

Recent Episodes

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    TPS 63: Evan Brand of Not Just Paleo Podcast On Hacking Stress

    This weeks guest is a bit like us- so we’re excited straight up! He is passionate about discussing what it takes for humans to be happy and healthy and is certainly doing his part to help spread the word on health.…

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    TPS 62: Sarah Ballantyne – All things autoimmune with The Paleo Mom

    This weeks guest has so much awesome on offer that I don’t want to waste a second of our time with her. To all of our listeners, I know that sometimes getting your head around all of the ins and outs…

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    TPS 61: Liz Wolfe – Eat The Yolks

    I love today’s guest because she is all about the food. I know that in my quest for health I have done just  about every ridiculous dietary fad out there- lemon detoxes, calorie restriction, shakes, slimming bars,  lotions, potions, pills,…

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    TPS 60: Chewing the fat with Dr. Loren Cordain

    We are super pumped this week to be interviewing a very special guest in fact we like him so much that this is his second time on the show and we certainly hope that it won’t be his last! Fasten your seat…

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    TPS 59: Tara Grant – The Hidden Plague

    This week I have been doing some reflection and I have really been pondering what makes a successful  plan to achieve optimal health. A few points really jumped out at me. Firstly there is no singular one size fits all…

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    TPS 58: City Caveman – Michael Jarosky

    This weeks guest had a Caveman experience so profound that he decided to make it a permanent part of  his lifestyle. So much so he now works as a fully certified Personal Trainer and dedicates his time to  helping others…

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    TPS 57: Our Paleo Heroes

    You might want to grab a notepad and pen for this one tribe because the Paleo hero and inspiration names will by flying thick and fast as we share our favourite people along our wellness journeys. (A few non Paleo…

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    TPS 56: Rumbles Paleo With Jen, Brian And Bumi

    They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach- well let me tell you today’s guests have created “an un-quake-able range of healthy Paleo Snacks” that are a sure fire guaranteed way to win anyone’s attention! He likes…

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    TPS 55: The MerryMaker Sisters – Let’s Eat Paleo!

    This weeks guests have an infectious enthusiasm, are vibrant, creative, and on a personal mission to make the world a healthier place one recipe at a time. They understand that we are all different and through their website, social networking and more…

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    TPS 54: Hugs And Bacon With Our Very Own Civilized Caveman – George Bryant

    Get ready to smile wherever you are because this week we have the pleasure of interviewing one of the most humble, happy and hilarious personalities in the Paleo scene. George Bryant of Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations takes us on a…

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Just had a fantastic skype with the wonderful Claire Yates Indi Nature and let me tell you the Paleo Cafe Cave Camp Menu is total Bliss Balls! Here's a bit about one of our favourite Paleo Foodie Hereos: Claire is a Nutritionist and holds a Bachelor of Health Science. Author of "Optimum Health the Paleo Way", Claire is passionate about paleo nutrition, health and having fun! A self-confessed lover of good food and good coffee, Claire believes that living your best life and eating healthy food should not be boring. You can feel great from the inside out and still enjoy some of the tastiest food of your life! Through sharing her knowledge and ‘walking the walk’, Claire inspires people to enjoy nutritious, delectable food and live a fulfilling, healthy life. A former lecturer in nutritional medicine, Claire currently runs her own private practice, Indi Nature. ... See MoreSee Less

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