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Would you eat bugs- yay or nay and why so? ... See MoreSee Less

8 hours ago

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Chris HillYeh !!! I'd eat Bugs ! Moreton Bay Bugs !!!8 hours ago   ·  3
Donna BoweI have eaten grasshopper and ant. Grasshopper was not so tasty, but the ant, very good.57 minutes ago
Ryan RuthartThey would have to be naturally sourced, farmed bugs have the same problems as farmed animals. For example in the US commercial crickets (reptile food) have a huge problem with viruses wiping out entire farms. Also what the bugs eat will change their nutritional profile!3 hours ago
Candice Mitchellyay! I want to try those chili lime ones you got recently at cavecamp.5 hours ago
Leica PittNo way6 hours ago
Naomi G. S. BantaI would - farming crickets is low maintenance too..6 hours ago
Donna HeathcoteNay, I also wonder what this would do to what is left of our precious Eco system as bugs play a vital role in maintaining whatever balance we gave left. Just because we are more evolved than other species does not give us the right to devour them. Humans don't understand the concept of only taking enough to survive....the company marketing this product is no's about $$$$$. Sorry guys definite no from me6 hours ago
Maria KiszesOnly if it's organic ... ;-)7 hours ago
Sommer DaleyNay - just seems yuck7 hours ago
Kay Malpress SalmondNope! Just a bit outside my comfort zone I'm afraid.7 hours ago
Jo SmithYes - we love ours7 hours ago
Amy BagleeI tired crickets over the last week they were yummy7 hours ago
Debbi TippettHow long before farmed bugs become a problem like farmed fish etc? They won't finish up anything like bugs from the wild7 hours ago
Stacey BorziI'm busting to try those cricket flour bars.... And I've eaten snails in France.... But that's as adventurous I can see myself going!8 hours ago
Nicole Alison RevelmanNope - that's just a little bit to far for me and that's taking away from other bugs food supply plus we don't need to be farming any other food sources we should be focussing on making the ones we do farm more environmental and economical and sustainable !!8 hours ago
Nicola HoranYay. They ain't so bad.8 hours ago
Caroline PhillipsNope8 hours ago
Lawrence PetruzzelliI ate grasshoppers8 hours ago
Aaron LorchI have. Won't again though. They taste like 3 day asshole.8 hours ago
Clint BauerYep for sure! No point wasting good foods8 hours ago
Sarah ElsburyMan features want to start farming crickets and meal worms for protein sources8 hours ago
Sarah ElsburyCollecting the snails that eat my seedlings for a bit of retribution next break8 hours ago
Jo WhittonI'd try crunchy crickets. :)7 hours ago

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Want to know more about insects as a sustainable source of protein? We're chatting to Bugs for Life tonight so here is your chance to send us your buggy questions- just write them in the comments below! ... See MoreSee Less

11 hours ago

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