Show Notes

Eating low carbs is not new however being in ketosis or on a ketogenic diet is

now becoming so popular could it be a fad? Is the ketogenic diet just the extreme

end of a paleo lifestyle or similar to the atkins diet? This week, The Wellness

Women walk you through a ketogenic diet, what it’s like to go into ketosis, the

many health benefits as well as some of the pitfalls of this protocol.

In its simplest form a keto diet is an extremely low carbohydrate, high fat and

moderate protein diet and the idea is to switch your body from using carbs and

sugar as its fuel source to being a fat burning machine! This protocol was

originally discovered as a very effective treatment for epilepsy in the 1920’s and

is still used therapeutically to treat a whole host of brain and hormonal

conditions as well as facilitating rapid weight loss!