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WWR14: Thyroid dysfunction, Hashimoto’s, weight gain, and infertility

08, Dec, 2015
}41 Minutes

Show Notes

This week Dr. Ashleigh and Dr. Andrea expose the function and importance of a well-known but often misunderstood hormone producer – the thyroid gland. So many women are suffering hormonal chaos due to a dysfunctional thyroid gland. Tests may show ‘normal’ lab results – so why are you experiencing thyroid symptoms? The ladies discuss the HPA axis, functional medicine, thyroid function testing, immune function, the signs and symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, adrenal issues, and effective ways to restore your hormone balance. It is your turn to understand the anatomy, physiology, and chemistry that is creating your health problems. In this episode The Wellness Women thoroughly discuss this very common but hidden source of health problems in Australian women. Find out how you can rediscover your hormone harmony!

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