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WWR 37: The Power of Food with Dr Damian Kristof

16, Jun, 2016
}37 Minutes

Show Notes

The Wellness Women interview the rock star from The Wellness Guys, Dr Damian Kristof, and by their powers combined this is an episode jam packed full of tips for women about their nutrition, how to reach their goals, have happy hormones through food as well as some of the biggest mistakes women are making with their health and they even debunk some myths around coconut oil!

Damian is a nutritionist, naturopath and chiropractor! He’s the star of the hit TV show Down Size Me that aired in over 100 countries, the rock star of the Wellness Guys, host of 100 Not Out, owner of Vida Lifestyles, has a regular segment on triple M radio and is the absolute go-to expert on all things food, nutrition and wellness.

This is an episode not to be missed!

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