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WAY 25: Leah Castle from SOUL Sharing Our Unique Lives

Episode 25
15, Mar, 2017
}40 Minutes

Show Notes

Leah Castle is a qualified Youth Mentor trained in positive body image, mental health, drug and alcohol prevention, she is a former hairdresser, a yoga junkie who is passionate about women’s health and wellbeing. I have known leah and her wonderful husband Simon for a few years now, they are warm kind loving and truly an inspiration to all those around them.Leah has had quite a journey to get to where she is today and I know her story is going to resonate with many of you.

Through her holistic programs at SOUL Sharing Our Unique Lives, Leah intends to empower our future generation of teen girls to be the best version of themselves through workshops, sisterhood evenings and 1:1 mentoring. For Leah it took a cancer scare and infertility to realize the food she was eating, the products she was using were not serving her. But really the biggest thing were her thoughts were not serving her. Leah intends to share the skills that she has learnt with the girls that she mentors so when they are faced with decisions and challenges in life they will have the tools to help them thrive and believe that they are worthy and capable to be the amazing creations they are.

I hope you enjoy this Episode.

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