Virtual Wellness Summit 2021

The Wellness Breakthrough

Marcus Pearce and Brett Hill are fascinated by what it takes for someone to really breakthrough on their health and wellness journey.

Many, many people are stuck in a rut. They want to make changes but are not sure how to start, they are unable to get started or they are unable to make it stick.

For some people though there comes a time when all these changes. They are able to break through. They make a change and they make it stick.

What is different about these people? What is different about this time?

Each week Marcus and Brett interview everyday people about their Wellness Breakthrough to find out the key ingredients required to really break through and live the life you have always dreamed of. So tune in and learn from these inspiring everyday heroes.

Recent Episodes

The Wellness Breakthrough
Episode 3
21, Oct, 2020
}28 Minutes

The Wellness Breakthrough
Episode 2
14, Aug, 2019
}36 Minutes

The Wellness Breakthrough
Episode 1
14, Aug, 2019
}46 Minutes