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Welcome to the self-love podcast a show that cracks open your heart and inspires a deeper regard for your own wellbeing and happiness.

Expert interviews, ‘how-to’ quickies and deep dive conversations into the heart of our souls, unravelling the mystery, struggles and joys of simply being human.

Host Kim Morrison, a part of the dynamic trio with Cyndi O’Meara and Carren Smith on the Up For A Chat podcast that started in 2012 and 374 shows to their name, decided it was time to dedicate a show specifically around the topic of self-love.

An entrepreneur, speaker and mum, and someone who really believes that love is the answer for all things, Kim draws on her personal experiences, interviews and research to create a space where we can listen in, and connect, care, grow, evolve… and never ever feel alone.

We are told constantly that in order to be our best, or to truly love another, we must first love ourselves. The problem is there is no rule book or pathway that shows us exactly HOW to do it, especially where we are in the throes of massive challenge or pain.

Whilst we may not want them or indeed ask for them, there are no doubts that these challenges and pains are a large part of the human experience, no one escapes them.

In this up-close and personal, raw and open show Kim aims to give you inspirational interviews, step by step guides, self-care strategies, and a few quickies to give you an opportunity to not let the harsh experiences of life, govern, determine or ruin you.

Kim hopes that the Self Love podcast will expand our consciousness to become an even greater, more aware soul and someone who can one minute be on their bathroom floor and the next living life out loud and do it all with courage, grace, strength and dignity.

It is a place where you get to become the ‘observer’ and master for yourself, the wonderful and most precious gift of all… the art of self-love.

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