100 Not Out

Want to know what the secret is to aging well? To live with quantity AND quality of life? To live independently, with vitality, vigour, energy, enthusiasm and complete love for your life? Well, there are hundreds of “secrets”, you can have both quantity and quality, and on 100 Not Out Dr Damian Kristof and wellness coach Marcus Pearce interview the people that are living their lives with all of the above.

What makes two guys under 45 so passionate about longevity? Well the answer is because we both see the self-esteem of the aging process at an all-time low. People don’t want to grow old like their parents, people are doing whatever they can to stay “forever young”, people are hoping their genes will get them through, and denying their bodies and themselves the opportunity to transform through each phase of life. So no matter what your age now, come on a journey with us to being 100 Not Out. Learn the scientific AND anecdotal principles of longevity, so that, with confidence you can.

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