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HSW 25: Over 50 Years of Working Shift Work with Jim Ward.

Episode 25
28, Dec, 2016
}34 Minutes

Show Notes

Holy smokes!  Can you imagine working shift work for over 50 years?  That’s 50 years of disrupted sleep, getting out of bed in the dark, working weekends, public holidays and time away from family at Christmas?  Well my mind boggles at the thought, but Train Driver Jim Ward did exactly that.  In fact, Jim spent exactly 53 years and 7 months working shift work which is a pretty phenomenal achievement.

What’s even more amazing about his story is that he loved every minute of it, right up until the very last day he retired at the tender age of 71!

Here how Jim spent his entire shift working career working on the railways and what he did to keep himself healthy including how, what and when he ate, life as a FIFO – otherwise known as a ‘Fly In Fly Out’ worker, along with what he got up too on his last day on shift!

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