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HSW 11: Moving from Mediocre to Magnificent in All Areas of Your Life with Marcus Pearce.

Episode 11
29, Jun, 2016
}42 Minutes

Show Notes

Do you feel a little out of balance and directionless in your shift working life right now?  This week Audra chats with Marcus Pearce, Founder of the Exceptional Life Blueprint as he shares his insights in living a life with purpose, why exercise is an absolute necessity and not an option, ways to improve your nutrition, social life, love & relationships and much, much more – all whilst working 24/7.

To see Marcus live in Byron Bay on July 30 and 31 – Click Here For More Info.

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Audra Starkey interviews experts on sleep, nutrition, weight management, stress relief and all topics relevant to shift work health. This fun, informative and engaging podcast will leave you feeling inspired to truly be a healthy shift worker.

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