Show Notes

As shift workers, we certainly understand how working irregular hours causes havoc on our sleep, but something most of us don’t even think about, is how our home environment may be disrupting our sleep.

In this episode I chat with Nicole Bijlsma, a Naturopath, Acupuncturist, Building Biologist and author of the bestselling book – Healthy Home, Healthy Family.

Nicole shares some of her insights based on over 20 years of clinical practice and research, some of which includes exposure to electromagnetic fields, allergens, molds and chemicals.

Electromagnetic fields alone affect melatonin production, which is absolutely critical for instigating sleep as well as being an important antioxidant and neurotransmitter that is needed to remove free radicals and reduce our cancer risk.  Melatonin, otherwise known as our ‘sleepy hormone’, also has an important role in the regulation of our immune response.

According to Nicole, even exposure to mold can cause havoc for some people, as it can destroy neuropetides in the brain, which are involved in sleep.

So if you value your sleep, please, please, please tune into this podcast and then share it with others!

Nicole’s website –

Her book – Healthy Home, Healthy Family (3rd edition) will be due out in Spring 2017.

To find a building biologist – visit the Australian College of Environmental Studies –