Show Notes

Nurses represent a massive part of the shift working population so I’m super excited to be chatting with a lady who has been working in this field for over 30 years which yes, I agree, is a very long time!

Cara Henstridge works at Sandringham hospital in Melbourne and shares what its like to run on limited sleep as a result of working night shifts, along with tight 8-hour turnarounds, combined with the added stress of shortened and/or missed meal breaks.

After an epic 30-year stint in nursing, Cara had a longing to be part of the preventative health care model, so decided to combine her nursing skills and love for helping people by becoming a genetic testing practitioner with Smart DNA.  Cara chats to us about nutrigenomics, which is the study of how our nutrition interacts with our genes; polymorphisms and SNP’s (pronounced “snips”) which are our very own individual gene variations; what’s involved in getting our genes tested; and why it’s a particularly good tool for shift workers to use as a form preventative health care.

For more information of the Saliva Genomic Wellness Test and GUT Microbiome Test visit the links mentioned in the podcast below:

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