Show Notes

It’s a change of pace this week as we talk about a topic never before discussed on the Healthy Shift Worker podcast – and that’s “exercise!”  I’m sure you can relate when I say it can be incredibly hard to get all pumped up and excited about exercise, particularly when we’re feeling completely exhausted after a string of early or night shifts.

However, given exercise or “movement” is an incredibly important element of wellness, I’ve invited Chiropractor and father of two, Dr Brett Hill from Adelaide in South Australia to help explain why exercise is particularly beneficial for those working 24/7.

Brett is the founder and co-host of two of Australia’s top rated health podcasts – The Wellness Guys and That Paleo Show, along with being a public speaker, Paleo advocate, barefoot runner and author of numerous books and e-books.

In this episode, Brett explains why we need to ask ourselves 2 very important questions when it comes to exercise:

  1. WHY do you want to exercise? Are you a parent? Do you want to be fit enough to chase after your kids?
  1. What type of exercise fits into your lifestyle, that is both sustainable and fun?

He also goes into depth talking about the connection between movement, our nervous systems and stress, and why:

  • Movement is a really important part of destressing our body.
  • Not moving is a great way to leave our body in a stressed state.
  • Moving too much, can also put us back into the stressed state.

So if you’ve spent weeks, months or even years avoiding exercise, then this episode is going to leave you feeling super motivated and inspired, along with providing you with some great tips as to how you can weave it back into your lifestyle – no matter your shift!

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