HP 81: Brookfarm – Australia’s Leading Producer Of Gourmet Macadamia Products

Episode 81
23, Sep, 2020
}40 Minutes

Show Notes

From businesswoman to an awards judge to a firefighter with Pam Brook.

It all started when Pam was playing a blindfold game with a group of friends. The game was to stab a pin on the map of Australia and relocate there. The game that started out as tongue and cheek is what ended up leading Pam Brook to her new life’s journey.

The becoming of what is known today as Australia’s leading producer of gourmet macadamia food products.

Pam Brook is co-founder of Brookfarm. Brookfarm was the NSW and Australian Telstra Business of the Year in 2007. After years of numerous awards, Pam now is a judge of the Telstra Business Awards and shares her professional view as a judge, giving great insights and advice.

Brookfarm is Australia’s leading producer of gourmet macadamia products known for its Macadamia Mueslis, Walkabout Mixes, and their newest snack “Puffcorn” which is perfect to munch on while sipping on a glass of your favourite drop…guilt free of calories!

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