HP 61: Reverse Selling Method with Petar Lackovic

Episode 61
08, Jul, 2020
}40 Minutes

Show Notes

Imagine if you could flick the switch and have a customer chasing you asking to buy, not giving objections…and have you feeling like sales is easy, like you don’t have to sell?

Sounds to good to be true?

Today I thought I’d let straight out of the gates my husband Petar to share with you some tips on how to ‘flip’ the sale from chaser to chasee using our Reverse Selling Method which has seriously changed the goal post for small business owners.

For many businesses owners you need to learn how to sell as your business cannot grow without paying customers. But how do you do it without feeling salesy?

Firstly Pete strips it down to 3 critical things your sales should give you:

  1. Faster sales Cycle
  2. More customer
  3. More profit

He then walks you through the 9 sales accelerators for you to assess your sales process in your business.

One thing Petar touches on that really drives a hardcore home hitting message especially if you are a business own who has been around for a while… is your sales process dependent on you???

Meaning if you don’t sell your business wont make money? Meaning that you don’t have anyone else who can do the sales as good as you in your team. Petar shares exactly why that is the bottle-neck and why your business will never grow into a scalable empire that you may desire.

If you want to know more about creating your own ‘businesses way to sell’ using the Reverse Selling Method you can contact Pete directly at [email protected].

Enjoy today’s episode,
Annette xx

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