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WWR18 : Talking Hormones with Dr. Oz and Oprah

05, Jan, 2016
}37 Minutes

Show Notes

The single biggest challenge to every woman’s health is the balance of her hormones. On this weeks episode, Dr Andrea shares her crucial 4 S’s to solving hormone imbalances. Do you suffer with roller coaster emotions, up and down health, or just know your hormones are not quite right? 4 easy strategies will give you instant action steps to get you back on track! The Wellness Women discuss what ‘out of whack’ hormones can do to your health and some easy steps you can take to feel more balanced, happy, and in control of your health. They overview Dr. Oz’s discussion on “The Hormone Factory” and discover why Oprah frequently features guests that explore women’s health. Ladies, just because hormone problems are common, does not mean they are normal. Tune in for an episode that is important for every woman!

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