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WWR27 : The Pill: Your Contraception Options, the Risks, and Natural Solutions

15, Mar, 2016
}38 Minutes

Show Notes

There is no greater invention of the 20th century for furthering the freedom and liberation of women than the contraceptive pill. It revolutionised a woman’s choice to avoid pregnancy and gave many women the sexual freedom they desired. In this episode The Wellness Women discuss the history of the contraceptive pill and it’s evolution to current medical uses. Over 100 million women across the globe take contraceptives and yet a large proportion do so without a clear understanding of the serious health risks and the safer options they have available to them. There is no such thing as a side-effect to medication such as the contraceptive pill – it is a direct effect, albeit an undesirable one.

Whilst many women experience positive effects, are you aware of the increased risks of breast and cervical cancers, blood clots and embolism, infertility, decreased bone density, decreased libido, increased depressive disorders, and migraines? Be informed, discover the facts about contraceptives in this enlightening episode that every mother, daughter, and woman needs to hear.

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