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WWR 1 : This Dynamic Duo & The 6 Pillars of Wellness

04, Sep, 2015
}32 Minutes

Show Notes

In this episode you will meet your dynamic hosts, Dr. Ashleigh Bond and Dr. Andrea Huddleston. Known as The Wellness Women, these two Australian health professionals will share why they launched this fabulous health and lifestyle podcast for women!

Discover how the common trap of deciding your health value based on your perception of feeling well versus functioning well may be damaging your wellbeing. Learn the true definition of wellness, and why the word ‘wellness’ has been abused by media and marketing.

The Wellness Women discuss why the regular Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well lifestyle advice isn’t enough, and how The 6 Pillars of Wellness is your path to health success. Getting your life and health on track is guaranteed to be a fun journey with these passionate womens’ health experts.

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Wellness Women Radio is brought to you by women’s health experts Dr Ashleigh Bond, the pregnancy and birthing guru, and the queen of hormone imbalances - the period whisperer herself, Dr Andrea Huddleston.

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