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TNN 64: Digital Wellness

Episode 64
27, Nov, 2018
}34 Minutes

Show Notes

Today’s episode features special guest Bryce Finck from Stack Health, all the way from the USA.

Bryce is a tech health guy, a physiotherapist originally from Australia, whose aim with Stack Health is to provide people with access to health information and consultations completely online.

The aim of Stack is to allow people to access a broad range of health services online, saving them time, money and providing a convenience that has otherwise not been available. They offer physical, mental and financial health services online – There is a health concierge who can match you with an appropriate practitioner based on your needs and wants.

This podcast will help you to break down the barriers you might have to online health and wellness consultations, and explain what a digital appointment might look like for you.

For more on Bryce, see the Stack website –

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