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THE 18: Losing The Label: Navigating Food Trends with Naturopath Jules Galloway

Episode 18
04, Nov, 2016
}71 Minutes

Show Notes

This is a fun episode where me and my new mate Jules Galloway, Naturopath and all round cool kid, discuss the somewhat contentious topic of food philosophies, dietary trends and how to find a happy medium that works for you. It can be tricky to find an bias source of information in a world where paleo, no GAPS, no raw vegan, no sugar-free, no etc. etc. etc. is touted as “the cure all”. We hope we give some common sense information about how to work out what really is best for you right now. We also talk about the psychology of “the label” and how sometimes ditching the dietary “box” and evolving your chosen food selection (as needed) is the healthiest option long-term. Wherever you are in your whole-foods (for lack of a better word) “Journey”, we hope you love this episode as much as we loved bringing it to you.

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