The Healthy Exception

THE 12: To Conform or Not To Conform? Are You Being Authentic?

Episode 12
12, Aug, 2016
}39 Minutes

Show Notes

In this episode mamma bear and I reflect on times in our lives where societal expectations or our own feelings of “not being good enough” have stopped us from being our 100% genuine selves. As teenagers, we are under a lot of pressure to dress a certain way, drink a certain way, eat a certain way, talk a certain way … even to like “certain” movies … it’s exhausting! If I’ve got one piece of advice for you it’s this … just be who YOU are and do what YOU love … you’ll attract the right people and (in the politest way possible) screw the haters!!! Listen in for more inspiration to break out of the plastic mould and start living genuinely xxx

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About The Healthy Exception

What happens when a young woman gets sick whilst trying to conform to society’s unnatural and damaging lifestyle? She decides that she’s going to start doing the exact opposite of everyone else around her (and have an absolute ball doing so!).

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