The Healthy Exception

THE 01: An introduction and my story

Episode 01
11, Mar, 2016
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Show Notes

Welcome to The Healthy Exception! The podcast for teenagers choosing to be the healthy exception to the unhealthy rule. Sit back, go for a walk with your headphones, or listen wherever you feel most comfortable, as host Rachel Favilla introduces you to this new show that is all about inspiring and motivating teens and young adults to live happier, healthier and more vibrant lives with the brightest attitudes possible. Rachel shares her story, which includes overcoming anxiety and depression, healing her autoimmune disease with nutritional medicine and deciding to lose the “woe is me” attitude adopt a pro-active and vital approach to life, allowing her darkest moments to be platforms for her greatest lessons. Listen in to Rachel’s insights as to why she feels that everyone deserves the empowering knowledge on how they too can defy the odds and become the healthy exception to the unhealthy rule in their own lives, no matter what the circumstances!

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About The Healthy Exception

What happens when a young woman gets sick whilst trying to conform to society’s unnatural and damaging lifestyle? She decides that she’s going to start doing the exact opposite of everyone else around her (and have an absolute ball doing so!).

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