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SHY 67: Isiah McKimmie – Sex, intimacy and better relationships

Episode 67
16, May, 2018
}44 Minutes

Show Notes

This episode comes with a friendly warning. This podcast covers some rather adult content (so you might not want to play it out loud with your kids in the car!).

Welcome to the 2nd episode in what has been jokingly labelled my 3 part Vag series. That’s right, we will be discussing all things sexual health – you will find out what’s normal, what’s not normal, and how to improve the health of your lady parts… and in this case, your sex life.

Meet sexologist Isiah McKimmie. She believes in a world of meaningful connection, powerful intimacy and loving sex (sounds awesome, am I right?).

If you feel disconnected from your partner or struggle with recurring arguments…
If you find yourself replaying the same patterns in relationships…
Or… If you wish you could feel more confident with sex…

Then this episode is for YOU.

Whether you’re single, or in a relationship, there will be plenty of “aha” moments!

“A lot of us still have that shame that sits with us about sex.”

Listen to her story of transformation from shy, awkward teenager to card-carrying sex therapist, and how she arrived at a place where she could feel more confident in her skin and enjoy her body.

“It’s actually really normal for there to be different desire levels for sex in a relationship.”

Find out what to do if your partner wants more sex… and you’re too exhausted to say yes.

Or what to do if you’re feeling up for it… but you’re not getting the kind of attention and desire that you want from your partner.

“A partner’s desire for sex is actually a desire for connection and intimacy.”

Find out how to reignite the spark and reconnect with your loved one. Find out how to “get back on the horse” if you haven’t had sex for a reaaaaaally long time. (It can be super awkward and weird, but it doesn’t have to be!)

Learn the step by step formula to rebuilding your sex life (and your relationship…yay!).

Discover how to check in with your own needs and desires, so that you can communicate better with your partner. Because sometimes our needs change over time, and we don’t even realise at first.

If you’re single, find out Isiah’s tips for attracting a partner that will be the right person for us, and how to stop repeating old patterns when it comes to the lovers we’re drawn to.

And we also chat about body image, and what it means to feel happy in your body (and sexy!) as you age and as your body changes.

“Once you’re naked, your partner’s just really grateful.”

Hahaha! Yep, it may really be that simple. Listen in to find out why.

Want to connect with Isiah?

Click here to head to her website.

Click here for her Facebook page.

Click here for her Instagram page.

And her infamous blog post, Where to start when you haven’t had sex in months – or even years, is here.


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