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Eudaemonia is a classical Greek word best defined as “human flourishing”. It is central to the virtue ethics of Aristotle and essentially calls for us to strive for a “good life”. In this podcast, holistic wellbeing coach, Kim Forrester, takes a deep-dive into the characteristics and daily habits that can enhance our experience of life – such as generosity, temperance, courage, honesty and joy. On each episode, Kim interviews researchers, experts and ‘inspiring examples’ about a specific trait and explores how we can each integrate these elements into our lives and amplify them in our world. Intelligent, intriguing and authentic, the Eudaemonia podcast offers an inspirational and thought-provoking view of what it means to ‘flourish’ in life.

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Episode 028
04, Dec, 2019
}35 Minutes

Episode 027
27, Nov, 2019
}28 Minutes

Episode 026
20, Nov, 2019
}32 Minutes

Episode 025
13, Nov, 2019
}41 Minutes

Episode 024
06, Nov, 2019
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Episode 023
30, Oct, 2019
}31 Minutes