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RBR 26 – Amy Burke – Addison’s Unexpected Journey

06, Oct, 2016
}38 Minutes

Show Notes

The Unexpected Birth Journeys series of Rockstar Birth Radio is about births that did not go exactly as expected. However, more importantly it is of mothers who have moved through their experience with grace and wisdom and an empowering message to share with you. 

Amy Burke was seeking a low-intervention natural birth with her first child until she unexpectedly experienced a seizure during labour before ultimately birthing her daughter via caesarean birth. If you are pregnant then now may or may not be the right time for you to hear Amy’s birth story, however rest assured that she shares it with an incredible sense of gratitude and love. 

Amy is a Melbourne-based Mama with a big heart for healthy living, conscious collaboration and helping Women, especially Mother’s do work they love whilst having the freedom to be there for their families. She launched her blog Mother Love Melbourne to share stories, recipes and the work of other incredible Mama’s out there. Since having her Daughter Addison in Oct’15 Amy realised that many ‘motherhood’ sites and blogs can be a not so nice, judgemental space and wants Mother Love Melbourne to shine a light and help Mama’s feel empowered by their Birth, Feeding and Child Raising choices.    Facebook – Instagram – @motherlovemelbourne Snapchat – motherlovemelbs Website –

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