The Wellness Basecamp – Fan Vote

Kim Morrison, Marcus Pearce & Brett Hill hit Camden with The Wellness Couch's signature one-day event, The Wellness Basecamp.

Is your journey along the wellness path a lonely one? Do you crave being around like-minded people? Are you wanting to learn from Australia's leaders in the wellness movement? Welcome to The Wellness Basecamp. The Wellness Basecamp is the informative, inspirational and empowering one-day event hosted by Australia's #1 health and wellness podcasting network, The Wellness Couch.   The Wellness Couch (TWC) is an online radio station with over 20 different podcasts or shows. With almost 7 million episode downloads, 4000 event attendees and more than 2000 episodes released, The Wellness Couch is Australia's premier provider of wellness podcasts and events.   The Wellness Basecamp is a one-day wellness extravaganza featuring experts on topics including nutrition, self-care, life purpose, mindfulness, life management, love and relationships and more.   You'll find The Wellness Basecamp relevant, inspiring, informative and entertaining.   Click here to see what a Wellness Basecamp is like (this video is highlights of our 2018 Basecamp in Brisbane).


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