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NTM 326: How conscious is ‘too conscious’ in parenting?

Episode 326
21, Sep, 2021
}54 Minutes

Show Notes

What does it look like to provide the perfect governance for our children to grow? Can you be ‘too conscious’ in raising children and can that impact family wellbeing? Knowing your patterns and your imprint for parenting is key. You can’t ‘do’ conscious parenting like a set of steps to follow; unless we’re willing to tussle with our own trauma and meet our mother wound, we’re missing the point. In this episode, we discuss:

– Handling trauma as a conscious parent
– Holding yourself in conflict as part of a healthy relationship
– Recognising when you’re in ‘observation mode’ rather than present in your family
– Judging other parents to make yourself right
– Permissive parenting
– Healthy leadership within the family
– Projection onto your partner that prevents you from loving them
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