Nourishing The Mother

NTM 303: Do I shrink + stay safe or do I expand and speak my truth?

Episode 303
13, Apr, 2021
}42 Minutes

Show Notes

We can find ourselves addicted to support when in the face or challenge and addicted to drama when it brings us connection. So what do you do to ‘conscious yourself’ out of these conundrums? In this episode we explore through story what it means to expand your thinking beyond what’s habituated and how you can apply it now.

Nourishing the Mother
Bridget Wood
Julie Tenner

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About Nourishing The Mother

Discussing the layers of being a mother today, where we have come from and where we want to go. Learn tools to connect with yourself, offer compassion to those parts we’d rather deny and get back in love with motherhood and who you are as a feminine woman.

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