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NTM 147: Miscarriage and baby loss with Megan and Regan from Aila and Lior

17, Apr, 2018
}75 Minutes

Show Notes

Loss. Grief. Shame. Pain. All experiences many women, and couples, bury in their journey to children. In this intimate and vulnerable interview with Megan and Regan from Aila and Lior, we discuss their own journey of immense pain in losing two babies during pregnancy and how they have shaped this into a movement of opening the conversation on loss and offering a path to healing through personal declaration cards “I carried you”. No matter if you yourself have experienced loss, or you know someone who has, there is something to touch each of our hearts in this most sacred of journeys.

Megan and Regan are a husband and wife team, currently living in Melbourne. Megan has a Bachelor of Psychology, and Regan is a singer/songwriter. Together they are completing their final, clinical year of Chiropractic studies at RMIT.
They are passionate about seeing people achieve their full potential, and living their own. They have recently started a business to empower women healing through pregnancy loss and baby loss. They have made it their mission to become more open about baby loss in all forms, miscarriage, pregnancy loss, and still birth. Releasing themselves and others from the stigma attached while bringing healing to countless families who have also been on this journey.
We have created a collection of affirmation-type cards (we call them Personal Declaration Cards), using principles of positive psychology, and functional knowledge of the body. Our own experience of the loss of two babies, has empowered us to address specific needs in the healing process through baby loss.

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You may also be interested in listening to our own personal stories of miscarriage and our journey from pain to healing, in our podcast THE JOURNEY OF MISCARRIAGE, episode 15, which can be listened to via iTunes for Apple or Stitcher for Android

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