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YEL 50: Life In Four Seasons | Morning Pages & Meditation | Bohemian Rhapsody

Episode 50
16, Mar, 2019
}54 Minutes

Show Notes

Vulnerability alert: After receiving some feedback that suggested people prefer to read my authentic (yet rough) notes for this podcast, I’ve decided to keep the show notes as my prep notes, rather than the curated, edited version. I’ve still added links to resources mentioned in this podcast. I’ve simply avoided being politcally and grammatically correct at all costs.

Life Purpose

Do you get itchy? When are your BEST times of the year to work? When are the best times for you to be off? When are the best times of the year to strategise? To work fast, to work slow, etc.

I’ve been a caged animal … what do you feel like a caged animal in? For me, it was events … which just reminds me how much I LOVE events … whatever you feel caged in is likely to be a major clue in what you LOVE …

Seasons – We experienced a long winter … November, December and January felt like it dragged along professionally and personally – Sarah’s belly, I had no events to run… we had three holidays/breaks – so there wasn’t exactly any rhythm or routine … I know it sounds precious … but since mid Feb or so the wheels have really started turning and it really feels great to be up and running.

Long Winter – Sarah and I often talk about what season our lives feel like they’re in at a certain time. So whilst it was Summer in the calendar and the climate, it felt like winter for us – it was a slog, everything seemed hard and slow and took longer than we would have liked. There was a lot of waiting going on, and it tested our patience. But all winters come to an end, and it’s vital to remember this constantly. And best of all, what follows winter is Spring – the time of harvest and joy and hopefully a bit more ease. For us, we are in a beautiful spring right now, and like most springtime seasons, we don’t want Spring to end. We have found clarity with our new home, Sarah’s feeling a lot better in her pregnancy, the kids have found their mojo, the event season is back in full swing, and so on.

Winter Doesn’t last forever – But again, we are not so ignorant to think winter won’t come again or that spring will last forever. We know it in the real seasons, and we are wise to know it in our lives.

Remember FLOW – It’s particularly important to remember this in the New Age movement. Flow doesn’t just mean that everything is awesome all of the time. Flow is understanding that there is a movement in life and that it oscillates like a wave, going up and down and round and round – and flow really exists when you can enjoy or surrender to the rollercoaster of life and not simply resist all the challenge and welcome only the easy, enjoyable aspects of life.

What SEASON are you in at the moment? Whichever one it is, know that it will end.

Movement Mojo is BACK!

Since beginning of Feb I’ve been going to the gym ONE day per week (insert Celeste Barber video) … and as someone said to me, going to the gym ONCE per week is INIFINITELY more than zero times per week. I’m already getting comments from people that I look stronger, etc … and I’m literally doing 45 minutes per week … for me it was just as important to do it SOCIALLY with Kal …

I encourage you to MOVE AND SOCIALISE at the same time … unless your job is SO social all you want is quietude when you move …

And never underestimate the value of STRENGTH … I’m not talking gym junkie. Simply being able to say I FEEL STRONG is a wonderful thing. 

Do you feel STRONG?

If you don’t, what are you doing about it? Don’t think about the END … just think about doing something to get strong TODAY …




It’s been summer so it’s been VERY social …. What to say other than it’s been social?




We recently held The Wellness Breakthrough. It was ALL About limiting beliefs / mindset / life purpose and relationships.

No one ever sits in the chair and says “My parents fed me vegemite sandwiches and mint slices and BBQ shapes and I’m ANGRY at them for it … I RESENT it and HATE them for it … it doesn’t happen that way. Well at least in my observation it doesn’t. Breakthrough attendees, ELB Live attendees do NOT come because they are angry at the food their parents fed them … if they have a beef against their parents it’s normally about how they were raised or communicated to, not what they were fed.

Can you say a heartfelt, teary THANK YOU to your folks – So, if you’re watching this and you have a really high value on healthy eating … don’t change that. BUT … how much work are you doing on improving either your relationship with your parents or your perspective on your upbringing? THIS IS WHERE THE TRUE WELLNESS LIVES!!

Sarah update – 22 Weeks at time of recording. We celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary a beautiful restaurant not far from home called Potager. It’s a beautiful experience if you ever get the chance. 

We are about to move home … that’s one for the next episode

The rhythm of your home … kids or no kids – are you enjoying the rhythm by which you live? We function a hell of a lot better when school is back – do you enjoy the way your days unfold? Is there anything you need to communicate to the other people in your house?

For me … the kids know Mummy & daddy have time in the morning … they also know I work a couple of hours on weekends and skip down to the café early in the morning to just chill and read a book. They also know M&D like to have some Mummy & Daddy time together because the relationship between us is really important.

No one ever went to therapy for a family that OVER COMMUNICATED … so if you struggle with communicating the way to get better is by USING the MUSCLE … no matter HOW small it is … just begin. At an event once I had to encourage a couple to begin their conversation with the words Hello … in the busy-ness of life that’s what can actually be lost – even the simplest little things!

My review of Bohemian Rhapsody

Oh gosh where to start! Summer is one of my favourite times to learn …

Working backwards – I watched Bohemian Rhapsody recently and fell in love with Freddie Mercury’s rags to riches story.

Like any book or movie that grabs me I go straight to YouTube and Podcasts to learn as much as I can – from Freddie’s family history, including how his relationships with his family ended, his childhood (which was really quite harrowing), and the fact that he had four extra incisors could be seen as a gift from God / the Universe / Mohammed or whoever you believe in. If he had them removed, Freddie was scared what impact it would have on his singing.

And, bringing it back to Life Purpose – Freddie yet ANOTHER Master who had to defy the wishes of his parents (especially his father) to live the life of his dreams and follow his passion. His Mum wanted him to be an accountant. I’m not sure what his father wanted him to be but I know he was very religious and fundamentalist.

Interesting, Freddie broke all the rules with an independence he gathered thanks to the decisions his parents made on his behalf – like going to boarding school in India and not being able to visit his family during school holidays, etc. That type of character building and resilience is something he displayed over the years, which his parents possibly ignored came from their own decisions during his childhood.

And for those who considered his low-profile on the AIDS movement a disgrace, consider that his tribute concert, shortly after his death, raised $30 million for AIDS. Not a bad legacy if you ask me. Especially for someone who was known to be so introverted and shy off the stage, and whose homosexuality was illegal just seven years earlier. He was walking on thin social and culture ice and still managed to captivate the globe with his gregariousness on stage, his charisma, and most of all his talent.

As you can tell, I love to learn in ways that inspire me. Freddie Mercury truly does inspire me. Who would you love to learn about that inspires you?

And now … I’m kind of done learning about Freddie & Queen … I put that in to the archives and wait for the next epic biopic or book or podcast to stumble upon and go from there.

My “drier” months in my business from a cashflow perspective are November, December , January.

In the health and personal growth space they are the times when people aren’t attending events in the same way they do the other 9 months of the year.

And the way my business is set up at the moment, most of my revenue flows when I’m running events, and lowers when I’m not.

CUSHION – So year on year I learn (somewhat slowly) the benefits of saving a cushion or buffer for these 90 days when my professional income may be less, but my social expenditure, holidays, leisure and family time are much higher. For me, I’m very happy to meet this challenge head on. It’s not something I shy away from. In fact, it’s a really great learning curve from a business, financial, mindset perspective.

Employee or Employer or Self-Employed – This is not for everyone though. I really ask you to consider if you are someone who craves the regular paycheck each week or enjoys the challenge of cashflow.

Most of my income comes in big chunks, spread out over the year. $10k or $20k at once and then nothing for a chunk of time, and then chunks, and then gaps. In short, it looks volatile on paper, but not in my head.


I asked Dr John Demartini about the social pressure for so many people to “be their own bosses” which I really don’t like. For some of you, right now is NOT the time to work, it’s NOT the time to start a business, and for some of you it’s NOT the time to be an employee. Everyone is different. The question is what is your need at this phase of your life? Forget about what anyone else is doing. Look at your own circumstances, lifestyle requirements and make a decision from there that serves you.

I am happier when money is in the bank

I do know from personal experience that I am more bouncy and zippy and “up and about” when money is in the bank, and I am more snappy and burdened when a cashflow crunch lingers longer than I expect. It’s something I’ve really only acknowledged in the last couple of months; which means I’ll do more throughout the year to have more regular chunks drop in the bank, as I’ve realized it’s not just how much is dropping, but how regularly it is coming in too.

So this is me … what about you?

  1. If you are an employee and you want to be an entrepreneur – HOW long are you prepared to give it? Personally, my answer is seven years – this is a straight copy from the book Mastery by Robert Greene. Apprentice to Master is a 7 year process. I’m currently approx. six years in and expect that sometime in the next two years my business will have a major positive explosion.
  2. You’re an entrepreneur craving some comfort and certainty – don’t shame or hate on yourself for this! There is nothing wrong with changing direction, especially if your life has changed. Perhaps you’re not giving up on your dream, maybe you’re making it even more achievable by creating some sustainability in your life. Do you need to work 20 hours per week in order to finance your lifestyle and then dedicate another 10 to 30 hours to your inspiration?

The Artist’s Way – Spiritual Chiropractic, as described by Julia Cameron. Check it out here. 

Morning Pages  …. I have found my awesome morning routine. It’s a mixture of Robin Sharma’s 5AM Club & Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages …

Some people call it Stream of Consciousness Writing, some call it Brain Drain … I don’t really care what it’s called. I call it Morning Pages because I do them in the morning. My alarm goes off at 5am … sometimes I haven’t got up at 5am and I’ve rushed the pages and that has shown parts of myself which I want to improve … and recently I’ve got up at 5am no matter what.

What I have learnt is that getting a good night’s sleep does positively impact my creativity. So if you are looking to create anything – for me it’s a book, but it’s also an exceptional life that includes raising children in an exceptional manner, being an exceptional husband to my wife, being an exceptional friend, a mentor in business, an exceptional speaker, to have exceptional health, exceptional relationships with my family, positively improve my self, have an exceptional relationship with money and most importantly, to unconditionally love myself and the greater universe … that’s why I get up at 5am and write my morning pages.

Again, this is NOT for everybody. This is my meditation, my journaling, my gratitude all rolled into one. And it works for me.

What spiritual exercises work for you?

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