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YEL 49: Is A Happiness Hack To Be More Old Fashioned?

Episode 49
04, Feb, 2019
}11 Minutes

Show Notes

I know, it sounds counter-intuitive that being old-fashioned could create more happiness. Really, who wants to be old fashioned? Isn’t the only way … forward? The level of happiness I experienced in 2018 has me thinking that maybe to go forward in life we occasionally need to go back a little.

A bit like the one step back, two steps forward scenario, I learnt the hard way that attempting to live the “laptop lifestyle” was counter intuitive to almost every single professional bone in my body.

Sure, it meant I got to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with my family, but it also meant I worked at any hour of the day (not a great thing, let me assure you), and could justify any action at any time in leiu of the work and industry I was in (recording podcasts at night, running webinars at night, doing mentoring calls at night, etc). You can see that my big challenge – and opportunity – was my night times.

So, in 2018, I made some significant decisions to build my business and live my life the “old fashioned way”. Whilst not reverting back to the horse and cart and telegrams, I made a number of shifts. Here’s a selection of them, more of which I go into in Episode 48 of Your Exceptional Life: The Good, The Bag & The Ugly from 2018.

Happiness Step #1 – I stopped working at night.

Extra happiness came from the fact I spent more quality time with Sarah at night and prioritised reading as a nighttime activity over any computer-based work. This allowed me to read 20 books as a result, many of which I’ll share with you on future podcasts.

Happiness Step #2 – Books over eBooks.

I’ve never been a fan of eBooks, but after spending so much of my day in front of the computer, there’s no way I want to read off a screen at night.

Happiness Step #3 – Slow Eating Over Fast Eating.

Family dinner has always been a pretty strong ritual in our home. As the kids get older, I’m observing more conversations take place, and therefore I’m encouraging more slow eating (as a result of more chatter) and less fast eating. We live in a fast-paced world, where even our food is fast – either eaten fast or prepared fast. A lot of my views on the art of eating have come from my trips to Ikaria

Happiness Step #4 – Dark Over Light.

Lights are out or dim around 7:30pm at Pearce HQ. It’s not a ghost town by any stretch, but it’s dim lights. I know others who use candles. Whenever I go camping I notice how early I get sleepy, and you could argue it’s because when the dark sets in your body knows it’s time for rest. Goodbye bucketloads of artificial light and hello better quality and quantity of sleep.

Happiness Step #5 – Events & Speaking over digital

Not that I’m against digital marketing, I simply had overbalanced the ratio for me and my personality in 2017 … so in 2018 I ran nine events and spoke another 20+ timesfor various companies. Being “out there” in real life instead of being percieved as being “out there” on social media brought me bucketloads more joy and happiness. I ran my 100 Not Out Longevity Experienceon the Greek Island of Ikaria, brought back The Wellness Summit, started a new event called The Wellness Basecampand much more. As a result, I had a very active year, and at this stage of my life that is exactly what I want.

Question for you: What “old fashioned” changes would work for you in your life? They’re probably called “hacks”, but really most of the time it’s simply going back to the way your grandparents lived.

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