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YEL 064: Why does this little Greek island have no gut health problems? | Distress v Eustress

Episode 64
09, Dec, 2019
}17 Minutes

Show Notes

There Is Not a Gut Health epidemic in Ikaria – this is from Thea Parikos on our most recent episode of @100.notout

You can come with us to Ikaria to be a part of this lifestyle (apply at or you can work on turning your DISTRESS into grace.

EUSTRESS is the stress you create when doing things you love to do. Often spoken about in exercise but I don’t fully agree.

Thanks to Dr Hans Selye for bringing this to our awareness. 🙏

Apologies if the 2x zoom caused you some distress! Forgot to put back to 1x. 😆

In other news –

Love & Relationships – I joined the famous LEGO stomper club which drew blood 🤬

Growth – Podcasts – The Dr John Demartini show – great ep on parenting. 👍

Tomorrow – Longevity Film hits #byronbay! If you’re local, do come and join me and @kalesbroccoli at the @byrontheatre 🎬

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