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YEL 061: Washing Line Overwhelm & How To Wear Multiple Hats

Episode 61
04, Dec, 2019
}18 Minutes

Show Notes

Have you ever offered to hang out the washing, only to find the load is massive AND the line is already full of clothes?

I discuss more than just washing lines on this episode. I also chat about the challenge of wearing multiple hats – how many do you wear on any given day?

Today, some that come to mind are –

MP – author …

ELB Live – event planning (PS – do you like the name of the event Create Your Exceptional Life? I’m considering changing from Exceptional Life Blueprint LIVE to this one.)

Dad & Husband – Lunch with Sarah & Tommy

TWC – 12 Days of Christmas

Alison Alison – the calendar is changed 🙂

Shout OUts –

Desley Baird, Alison Allison, Shay Whitton, Heather Forsyth, Cathy Benson, Wendy Adams, Samantha Jinks Butler, Peter Lennon, Cousin Carly …

Leahlew86 .. Sophia Lightfoot, Annie Counsel … Leah Laidlaw, Caro Farrow, Kale Brock, Merry Carlalala, Shauna Boyle, Print Rescue, EcoMumma – Charmaine, thank you – Clare pearce – my Mum! Melinda Phillips, Judy – plantbasednaturally …

And many more – thank you to all of you 🙏🙏

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