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YEL 059: Mind-Body Connection | Wellness is here to stay | Walk Faster!

Episode 059
02, Dec, 2019
}25 Minutes

Show Notes

Are you interested in the Mind-Body Connection? Diabetes, Infertility, sexual dysfunction, Eczema, Chronic pain And others get discussed on the Dr John Demartini Show. Quite fascinating! I’ll add link to specific episode in comments.

Life Purpose & social – Had a ball celebrating Samantha Gowing and Sam Gowing’s Food Health Wealth 20 years! Was an awesome night ☺️

Movement – Lots of it today. Two swims. 2 walks x 1.6km. One of them 17:04. Ideal is to do 1.6k in 17min or under. Research suggests that marker will add 6 years to life expectancy.

Weekend – riding a bike with the kids. How good is bike riding! 🚴🏻‍♂️

Social – Good phone calls today – Ash Reeder who is our AV guru for The Wellness Summit – is also Benny for Bjorn Again (AUSTRALIA) – they are in Tweed this weekend. 🕺🏾💃🏼 Not going to get there this time though.

Nutrition – since coming back from Ikaria we resolved to we grow our own herb garden. Made Pesto on the weekend. Just love making recipes with home grown food! 🥬

Love & Relationships – Cry free Sunday I think. 😉 Is there a connection? I think so 😆

Google Photos – I’m getting on board. I’ve had enough of iCloud. Jason Whitton has been on about this to me. It looks way better than iCloud.

Wealth – Cyber Monday. Have you been sucked in? 💰💰

Spirit – Sleep. Last night. My head wanted to stay up. My heart – or my soul – was ready for some rest. I was going to do some execises from The Breakthrough Experience book. Then I realised I was too tired to get all worked up for that. 😴😴

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