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YEL 057: I had an incident in the toilet today – perhaps it has happened to you too??!!

Episode YEL 57
29, Nov, 2019
}10 Minutes

Show Notes

Damian Kristof and I interviewed Shona Olykan today on @100.notout

@shonaolykan came with us to Ikaria aged 76 and has booked in to join us in Sardinia next year as part of her 80th birthday celebrations! Who does that? Shona does, that’s who.

If you’re curious about the 100 Not Out Longevity Experiences I run with @damiankristof simply go to or @100.notout. Sardinia info is not online yet but I can send it to you – just DM me or email me [email protected]

Love & Relationships – My angel Sarah has a blocked duct at the moment. Ouch! Such a trooper. 😰🙏❤️❤️

So much I wanted to talk about but it’s not to be today! I’ll bang on about the rest tomorrow

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