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YEL 035: Dealing With The Fear Of Success

Episode 35
18, Sep, 2017
}23 Minutes

Show Notes

On this episode of Your Exceptional Life we cover – dealing with the fear of success, defining your life in just four words, planning to create quality time experiences with loved ones, and a snapshot of what I’ve been learning and listening to this week. Enjoy!

Life Purpose – 4 words to define what you love

I’ll talk about dealing with the fear of success in a moment (I actually cover that in the movement section of this blog). I”m about to head off to Melbourne to speak for Wellineux & CPA and I’m excited. I just LOVE travelling and speaking. When I hear those two words travelling and speaking it reminds of Dr John Demartini’s message. His life is dedicated to four things – research, write, travel and speak. Where possible he delegates everything else. Those four actions are the core of his genius. If Demartini is doing those four things he is a pig in shit. If you had to just put your daily activities into 4 words, what would they be? Mine would be Travel, Speak, Research – Research, Family/Friends/Engage/Socialise, Travel, Speak.

I definitely subscribe to research, travelling and speaking. My fourth one is not writing. It’s engaging, socialising, or connecting with people (my family, friends, etc). If you were to define your life’s purpose in four words, what would they be?

From there, the idea is to constantly plan your days and life in a way that increases the time doing those four things and reduces the time doing everything else.

Movement – dealing with the fear of success

At the beginning of this week I didn’t think that movement would be the area of life that challenged my fear of success. If you’ve been listening to previous episodes of Your Exceptional Life, you’ll know I’m committed to doing 100 consecutive push-ups. Not because I care about doing 100 push-ups; purely because it requires discipline and a lot of upper body strength (which I’ve been deficient in). On Monday I retestested my max, and it went from 42 up to 52.

This was somewhat scary for me because as vulnerable as I feel in saying this – I probably never expected to get to 52. I started at 23 push-ups about 12 weeks ago. Then it went up to 30, 35, 42 and now 52. The result? I’m now doing over 2000 push-ups per week – which I’m thoroughly enjoying the challenge of.

The components of the 100 push up challenge I am doing is here (I’m doing approach D).

More than anything, I share this with you to ask you if you ever feel the same way I did this week? Do you fear success? My instant thought as I reached 52 was “How am I going to do this?” I really felt like I was in new territory. I thought I may have hit 45 or 46, but hitting over 50 left me way out of my mental comfort zone. And I realised I had a fear of hitting past 50 because I didn’t know what to do (Even though the answer is simply more push-ups).

Are you scared to succeed? It’s not a simple question to answer, as sometimes it’s not until you succeed at something once that you realise you’re not sure if you can sustain it.

Yoga for when you’re feeling ill

My angel Sarah hasn’t been feeling close to 100% this week, and so it’s no surprise that I found this on my YouTube history.

Social Life – family support

Sarah’s folks have arrived up here for about a month, which is just sensational. The kids get a little excited when they’re here (who could blame them), and Rob and Jill are just a pillar of support. I walked outside today to see Rob washing our cars! Seriously, stay forever mate 🙂

Nutrition – The Kitchens @ Robina Town Centre

It took me a while to get to The Kitchens but I finally made it. Only problem was, my good friend Sam Gowing, who is the resident chef at The Kitchens had the day off! Next time. If you’re ever up on the Gold Coast and you’re a foodie, The Kitchens is an experience not to miss out on.

Love & Relationships – When quality trumps quantity

Being in Melbourne for one night is a great exercise in determining how to spend it. In this case, my Dad and his wife Brenda are just back from Europe, both my sisters are pregnant and I haven’t seen them in a while, and it’s a good opportunity to add all of that together and have a family dinner together.

It sounds an obvious thing to do now that I’ve organised it, but at the time of booking my flights I was a little frazzled on what to do with the one night. Who do I spend it with and how? When you live interstate from family I’m sure you can appreciate that quality time trumps quantity time every day of the week.

I don’t take this approach with my family. I think both quality and quantity are required (just my personal view), particularly with children. However, it took me some time to qualify the best way to use the time. But I’m glad I sat down, considered all of my options and then had the brainwave to organise a family dinner.

Growth – Genius / Zimmer

I’m still in a massive Robert Greene learning phase. I listened to this podcast this week and what I find is when I’m reading a book like Mastery is that I do my own research as I’m learning. I’ll look more into Mozart’s life, Darwin’s life and other people featured in a book like this to broaden my learning and discover the best way for me to share their stories with my tribe. My evening routine still centres around reading Mastery by Robert Greene. One for the keyboard warriors this week. The latest album by Hans Zimmer & National Geographic is an

Other books that I have pulled apart like this are Healthy at 100 by John Robbins, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell & The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware and The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner. By far they are four of my most cherished books. One for the keyboard warriors this week. The latest album by Hans Zimmer & National Geographic is an

For the music lovers I just have to share what I’m listening to at the moment whilst writing. You may know I’m a huge Hans Zimmer fan. Earlier this year National Geographic released an album titled Genius, which Zimmer composed the main theme for. It’s a simply stunning album, with titles such as Truth, Goodness & Beauty, Solitude, In Love With The Mind and more. See the entire playlist below.

Wealth – Are you happy with your lifestyle right now?

It’s a fascinating question this one. I was catching up with a friend at The Kitchens and we were talking about wealth creation, the cost of living and so on. He asked me “are you happy with your lifestyle?” and my answer (thankfully) was an emphatic yes.

There are experiences I’d like to add to my lifestyle and the conversation we were both having was pricing those experiences and then working towards it.

So the question for you is – Are you happy with your lifestyle? What would have to happen to improve your lifestyle? Is it a money thing? Does your ideal lifestyle cost more? Is it in a different location to where it is now (if so, I recommend you listen to my Love Where You Live episode of 100 Not Out)

Spirit / Soul / Faith

Without a doubt the spiritual highlight of my week was this morning as I observed the whales having a party, breaching and splashing about whilst I went for a jog. Just an awe-inspiring experience, and yet another reminder that surrounding ourselves in nature can truly lift your spirit.


I installed Grammarly on my computer this week. I admit it, after skipping the ad I number of times on YouTube, I watched it in full and decided “why not”. It’s free, non-invasive and different to a normal spell check. I even used it in spell-checking this blog (hope it worked)!

Wishing you a sensational week!

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