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YEL 012: Immersion vs Toe Poking & Fence Sitting

Episode 12
24, Feb, 2017
}11 Minutes

Show Notes

Recorded from the beautiful bumper-to-bumper streets of Melbourne’s CBD, this podcast is dedicated to helping you become better at learning, and I share my own experience with immersion.

Specifically, I talk about the difference between immersion (going all out, particularly in a short period of time) and dipping your toe in the water.

Some people would prefer to learn French by attending a class once per week for one hour, however if you REALLY want to learn French it requires you to IMMERSE yourself in the language for hours at a time.

Immersion is WAY harder than dipping your toe in the water and “trying” something. There is nothing wrong with giving something a go once to see if you like it.

However if you KNOW you want to learn something (like French) the only way to really do it is to IMMERSE yourself in the language.

Immersion & consistency

Consistency is important, but here’s the deal. What’s better – 15 minutes every day learning French or one FULL 8 hour day?

You might say “both” and you would be right. What MOST people seem to do though is focus more on 15 minutes each day and steer away from 8 hours of solid work.

When your brain fries and gets all too hard, most people withdraw because it’s “too hard”. Can you relate?

The key is to get past that point, know that it’s a VERY important part of the process, and that you WILL come out of the learning process better for it.

Give this a go

Instead of playing the piano for 30 minutes, sit there for 4 hours and really get to know your piano, your fingers and your ear. Instead of just reading a book for 30 minutes, sit with it for 2 or more, take notes, think about your life and really LIVE with that book. Learning a new subject? Don’t just take small bites, also take big ones, chew for a long time, and sit with the incredible depth and volume of what you’ve just ingested.

Find yourself practicing immersion and you will quickly find people coming to you for help and guidance on what it is that you’ve learned.

What are you immersing yourself in?

I’d love to know! Hit me up on social media @marcusdpearce on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat or simply send me an email.

Stay exceptional,


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