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YEL 010: 3 Disastrous Life Mistakes Most People Are Making (And How To Avoid Them)

Episode 10
17, Jan, 2017
}21 Minutes

Show Notes

I tend to talk about 8 disastrous mistakes people make in life (and the shocking consequences of them). Due to time constraints though (this is a 15 minute podcast after all), I’m sharing 3 I feel very strongly about at the minute.

I hope this episode ROCKS you to make a shift if you know you are making one, two or three of these mistakes. Again, the consequences of mistakes made day after day after day are mind-blowingly shocking.

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OK, now to the three mistakes

Mistake #1 – Failure to Exercise Regularly 

Most people put Dementia as the LEAST preferred way to die.

Ralph Martins Foundation Chair in Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease at Edith Cowan University has completed dozens of studies over decades in the field and the outcomes are easy to summarise

  • The people who exercise regularly have the LEAST incidence of dementia.

Keep in mind that dementia takes between 20 and 50 years to get to the point of DIAGNOSIS! So you could be 30 now and already developing DEMENTIA through your LIFESTYLE!

We know that people with High Blood Pressure & who are overweight in MIDDLE AGE are SIX times more likely to develop dementia.

Enough said, surely. Visualise your life with dementia, and the impact it has on those around you, and I hope that visual is enough to get you to move your body!

Mistake #2 – Poor Family Relationships

Listen to the podcast to find out the disastrous consequences of poor family relationships. One of the biggest is the undignified end to life that so many of us are scared of, and sadly end up experiencing.

Mistake #3 – Poor Financial Management

You’ve seen the stories on the news of terrible conditions in nursing homes. Well, brutally and simply said, if the residents in there had more money in their bank accounts, they would not be at the mercy of such conditions.

Let their situations be a LESSON to you to manage your money wisely NOW so that in the decades to come you are not in the news because of unchecked catheters, underfeeding, poor wound management and more.

Morbid, but true!

Action Step – Remove any mistakes!

So do you have any of these three in your life? If so, I urge you to Kill Mediocrity in 2017 in these three areas of life. If you do, you will be thanking your lucky stars EVERY YEAR for the rest of your life that you made a shift. If not, again you run the major risk of experiencing the disastrous consequences outlined in this episode.

I would love for you to comment below, send me an email or share with me on social media what you’re changing as a result of listening to this podcast.

Stay exceptional,

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