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YEL 003: The 12 Riches Of Life | Think And Grow Rich Pt1

Episode 3
05, Dec, 2016
}18 Minutes

Show Notes

Think And Grow Rich is one of those books that will never get old. It’s about to turn 80 (written in 1987 by Napoleon Hill), and more than ever, as the world becomes more addicted to self-worth by comparison, status by bank account and materials, Hill’s message can’t be screamed loudly enough.

Whilst Think And Grow Rich is often pigeon-holed as a self-help book designed to help you acquire financial riches, look beyond the first few chapters on Desire, Faith & Auto-Suggestion and you’ll begin to find that being rich is anything but about what’s in the bank account.

Yes, financial riches are a part of wealth, but only a part – and a very small part at that. Over the course of the next two episodes of Your Exceptional Life, I discuss each of these 12 riches that Hill refers to in Think And Grow Rich so that you can decide how rich you really are.

Are You New To Napoleon Hill?

If you don’t own a copy of Think And Grow Rich, you can get it here on Amazon. This podcast comes in the middle of my fourth reading of the book (and it took me at least 3 attempts before reading it completely the first time). Many giants of the personal growth world have read this book DOZENS of times. If you know of Bob Proctor‘s story (Bob was featured heavily in The Secret), you will know he reads a little bit of it EVERY DAY.

I also love the audiobook Napoleon Hill In His Own Voice, which is available on Audible for $7 USD. It goes over 10 hours, which works out at less than 70 cents an hour ๐Ÿ™‚ To say this is money well spent is an understatement. Thanks to Sean Croxton for sharing snippets of this recently on his great podcast Quote Of The Day.

The 12 Riches Are Highly Practical

The 12 riches aren’t vague and abstract. You’ll be able to score yourself on each one quite easily. And more importantly you can get to work on improving yourself in any one easily enough. I recommend you give yourself a score out of 10 on each of the riches, and decide to work on the ONE that is your LOWEST score.

On this episode I cover the FIRST 5 of Hill’s riches, and then conclude with the final 7 on Episode 4 of Your Exceptional Life.

Let’s Keep In Touch

I would love to know what you think of these 12 riches. How do you score? And what impact has a high or low score in any particular area had on your life?

Let me know by emailing me direct [email protected] OR

Hit me up on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. I’m @marcusdpearce on each one.

Until next time, continue creating Your Exceptional Life!


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