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YEL 002: Personal Growth – How Did You Begin?

Episode 2
02, Dec, 2016
}15 Minutes

Show Notes

Challenge is often the time that personal growth comes into your life.

I finished episode 1 talking about Mum & Dad splitting up. This experience tipped my Mum into personal growth, and eventually me!

Topics and talking points from this episode include –

  • How my mother darling couldn’t sleep at night, which meant that she regularly watched one person on TV in the early hours – Tony Robbins!
  • Listening to Melbourne radio 3AW was replaced by listening to Tony Robbins
  • This single mum & 3 kids were being inspired on the school run each morning and afternoon
  • Mum gave me Get The Edge for my 21st birthday – probably cost her $500 back in 2002. Big effort by Mum. This is now known as Ultimate Edge, which you can find here.
  • This program really whet my appetite for personal growth and self improvement.
  • I indoctrinated myself – I’d almost completed my journalism degree and was about to enter the “real” world. I was THIRSTY to learn about myself since most people told me “it’s a big bad world out there”
  • I wanted to know why I struggled picking up girls but could chat to them all night long …
  • Why did I have such low tolerance for incompetence? My patience was appalling in my early 20s
  • Why was I overweight and pimply even though I didn’t eat what I thought was a “bad diet”. Of course I’d been smoking for some time, rarely exercised and really ate poorly in truth.
  • I spent my days working in the sports media – at RSN And SEN in Melbourne and later at The Footy Show at Channel Nine – and spent my nights working on ME – investing precious time into “Marcus Pearce Incorporated”.
  • I engrossed myself in the works of Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill, Robert Kiyosaki, Bob Proctor and so on – many of their works passed on to me by my Mother Darling …
  • I really wanted to know why I tolerated mediocrity in some areas of my life and excelled in others.
  • Fast forward a few years and I travelled to Western Australia to visit my best friend from journalism, Alicia Loxley – now if you’re in Melbourne you’ll know Alicia on Channel 9.
  • How I met my beautiful wife Sarah is explained here – listening to Get The Edge was the very beginning of our courtship!
  • We courted by listening to personal growth whilst getting a suntan.
  • We decided to travel overseas together, and before we did we completed Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within and Date With Destiny events together. That really strengthened our relationship.
  • Since then we’ve done a variety of personal growth events, including more Tony Robbins events, Dr John Demartini and many others.
  • When I returned from overseas I decided to transition from sports media to personal growth media.
  • It took a fair while – 7 years to be exact – and in 2013 I launched the 100 Not Out podcast with Damian Kristof and began consulting to The Wellness Couch on bringing their podcasts to life through events, primarily The Wellness Summit.
  • And that’s my personal growth story.

This episode’s action step

Think about how you got into personal growth. How did it start? Where did it start? Is there someone in your life responsible for it? You might say – My ex-husband, my parents, my former boss!! But seriously, aren’t you glad it happened? Do you really wish it was any other way? And then … if you can – have a conversation with that person and thank them for opening up the gates to the path that you’re on right now.

Often the way we entered personal growth was because of a challenge we or someone else experienced.

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I truly appreciate your support of my message, thank you once again and until the next episode, it’s a BIG digital hug from me and may YOU continue to live YOUR EXCEPTIONAL LIFE!


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