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TWG 337: Cold Showers and the Cross Fit Games

Episode 337
05, Mar, 2018
}36 Minutes

Show Notes

Brett is always experimenting with new and interesting ideas. Barefoot running, Paleo, intermittent fasting, fermented foods, the list goes on. Brett’s latest challenges are a 30 day cold shower challenge inspired by the one and only Wim Hof and the Cross Fit games. Brett has been inspired by the amazing anecdotal stories around the benefits of taking cold showers and ice baths to look a bit closer into the research, to develop his own hypothesis, and to trial it on himself. Damo probes him on what his research found and what results he has seen. The boys also discuss the Cross Fit Games and the balance between being competitive but not getting too carried away with comparisons when it comes to your health and wellness goals.

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