June 5, 2017

TEES 9: Standing In Your Power

This week we explore the concept of standing in your power – how to say no, when to say no and what to do when you’re challenged.

We discuss what standing in our power means to us, why you shouldn’t be a doormat and how to respond without reacting!

Each of us discuss situations where we stood in our power and won, but also what to do when things don’t go your way (as they sometimes do and will).

We want you to be empowered to stand up for yourself, by being authentic, communicating clearly and disconnecting from the outcome of any given situation!

Your #takeaction step for this week is to look at your business life and examine recent interactions you have had with clients, employees and partners to see if you have been standing in your power and being your true self. Let’s build awareness by journalling, meditating or whatever works for you to step into your power, #doshitbeawesome

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