May 29, 2017

TEES 8: About Us and Why You Need a Business Coach

On this episode we talk about one of the most important things of all…US! Jokes. We just realised we hadn’t introduced ourselves to you, or really told you what we do, so wanted to give you some insight.

You’ll hear a little bit about how we came to be entrepreneurs, what we enjoy about working for ourselves, how we define “entrepreneur” AND how you could benefit from a business coach (with some pretty funny examples).

Join us for an educated giggle as we get to know each other a little better!

We’d love to be your cheerleaders (in life and business), so come join us over on our website.

Your #takeaction step this week is to connect with us and engage us to be your biz coaches (and boss babe pals). Or, find a friend, family member or colleague who could serve as your accountability coach, to ensure you #getshitdone

Cannot wait to see you next week!

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