May 29, 2017

TEES 7: Decision Fatigue

Are you overwhelmed by choice?

From what to eat for breakfast, to which task to tackle first when you start work, we’re faced with a crazy amount of decisions to make each day.

It can be SO exhausting having to make so many decisions, thus leading to you being unproductive and often procrastinating instead of having to make one more damn choice!

It doesn’t have to be this way though.

On this episode, we share some of our tips and tricks to reducing decision fatigue, both in your personal life and in your business. We have some great resources for you to #doshitbeawesome, including this podcast we mentioned by Laurence Tham ( Your #takeaction step this week is to decide what choice/s you can eliminate from your everyday life to lessen your decision fatigue.

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Thanks for tuning in, you’re epic!

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