May 29, 2017

TEES 3: The Power of the Question

This episode we talk about the power of the question. In other words, asking for help.

Dive into this episode with us and find out why we think that asking people questions is one of the most powerful steps that you, as an entrepreneur, can take.

We highly suggest looking up the TED talk by Amanda Palmer on this topic. It’s inspiring and compelling. Your #takeaction step this week is to find one (maybe more) person who you can either ask for help, ask for a coffee or to just start to ask people simple questions on Facebook. Remember: not everyone is an expert – just because you are asking doesn’t mean you have to take everyone’s suggestions on things. This is really just an exercise to practice ASKING.

We’d love to know what you asked for this week. You can tag us in your social posts or stories (#takeaction) or shoot us an email: [email protected]

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