July 17, 2017

TEES: 14 Being YOU

We have an extended episode for you this week, as we explore what it means to be yourself in your business, and honour your life outside of business at the same time.

Another revelation was had by us this week, as we acknowledged each others’ desire to have our own individual projects, as well as our two businesses (because clearly we need something extra to do!).

It was powerful to come to the conclusion that the more we are ourselves and honour our own goals and dreams and go in pursuit of them, the more our business will be strengthened and in flow.

We reveal our book ideas, which we are both super excited to be working on right now, as well as talk about our daily practices which are helping our creativity and exploring our personal sides. Cat has committed to a daily blog (lifeloveandbreakfast.wordpress.com) and Cindra has been posting more frequently on her Instagram (@cindrabanks).

Your #takeaction step is to acknowledge what you have been holding back on (fulfilling an idea, a creative project, a business initiative) and move forward with it. Take the first step, however hard it may feel. We’re totally with you!

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Thanks for tuning in, you’re epic!