July 10, 2017

TEES 13: Niching

We had an “aha” moment last week when we decided to focus more on yoga teachers as our target market…Of course! This is an area we are experts in, already work in and run a business in.

We couldn’t believe we hadn’t thought of this before!

So many of us are scared about “niching” or making our target market more specific, yet it is the very thing that your business needs to thrive.

Once we made the decision to create a specific offering (The Business Of Yoga Immersion) for this niche, our business started to flow more than it has in the past few months!

Your #takeaction step for this week is to have a non-biased look at your target market or niche and see if you can somehow be more specific, narrow down your approach, draw on your strengths and use these to focus on a smaller (but more aligned audience).

We recommend checking in with an accountability partner or in our group on Facebook (The Empowered Entrepreneurs) as sometimes it’s hard to see your own business from within!

Have fun and don’t forgot to connect with us!

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