July 3, 2017

TEES 12: Authority & Professionalism

We had a huge reality check this week when we realised that we have been caving into our limiting beliefs about showing authority and professionalism in our businesses!

Cindra has been away and we have been pretty quiet on the business front, so we had a good old honest check in and this came up, so we decided to explore it on this podcast…

Cat discovered she was holding onto a limiting belief that because she looks young, no one will take her seriously, and Cindra came to the realisation that she has been thinking for a long time that being “normal” or “professional” equals boring!

We are working on eliminating these beliefs and presenting ourselves with more authority and professionalism in our businesses.

What do you think about being an authority in your field? Or showing your professionalism in what you do?


Your #takeaction step this week is to do one thing that demonstrates your authority and or professionalism in what you do. Whether that be creating an email signature, changing your Voicemail to be more succinct or showering and getting dressed before beginning work for the day!

This sends a message to the universe saying HEY I am serious about what I do and I am successful in what I put out there.

Have fun and don’t forgot to connect with us!

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