June 19, 2017

TEES 11: Un-Comfort Zone

“What makes you comfortable can ruin you. Only in a state of discomfort can you continually grow” Bill Eckstrom

This episode is a juicy one!

Entrepreneurship is pretty bloody amazing, but it sure does have its ups and downs.

We always advise our potential clients, if you’re not prepared to get uncomfortable and get out of your comfort zone, maybe don’t start your own business.

We’ve both been experiencing so many challenges of late that have really forced us to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

The exciting thing is, SO much growth happens here!

We encourage you to #takeaction and practice doing one thing in your life that is outside your comfort zone. We give you a couple of examples that could apply in your everyday life, or maybe you want to challenge yourself in your business!

Please do share with us what you changed and what you learnt from leaning in to your discomfort…We would love to know and perhaps we can even support you through it.

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