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TNN 73: Wellness Fertility with Tasha Jennings

Episode 73
03, Apr, 2019
}35 Minutes

Show Notes

On this episode, Mel talks to fellow naturopath, podcaster and author Tasha Jennings.

Tasha’s has a great website Conceive Baby, which focuses on helping couples healthfully conceive, overcome fertility issues and supporting women through IVF.

She shares her journey with fertility issues and how this now fuels her work.
Tasha is passionate about educating people on how to get the healthiest baby possible and the importance of pre-conception health.

Optimising egg quality, getting the uterus healthy and improving the menstrual cycle is all part of the work Tasha does with her clients, as well as balancing the immune system.
Tasha discusses IVF and how this doesn’t work if the sperm is not good quality – This is an area where Tasha works as well, getting the male sperm healthy.

She also talks about how to keep the foetus healthy in utero.

So much juicy info in this episode! A must listen for any potential parents out there.

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